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Say Hello to Aethyme, Not Bye to Evanessencia

It's been a wonderful year with everyone at Evanessencia. I met amazing and wonderful people, and young aspiring designers like me. The website was my very first successful website (at all), where I actually had visitors; people actually visited my website and appreciated what I had there, too. Even my rl friends visited my site and dropped comments there. :) For me, it was a very accomplishing and satisfying experience, even though I kept on renovating—which just says that I really had never been satisfied with my layouts at all. LOL. XD; But that isn't the case here. This time, it's not about “I'm not satisfied with my website design,” thing, instead, it's something more important yet superficial: the reason for the change.

Updates! Just New Things

Before anything else, here are my poor excuses that I call updates and additions:


What was the problem?

The main problem was something I had been thinking about for quite a while. It's about the website name. We all know how important site names are. It is the first thing Internet users think about when it comes to websites; it is the most essential thing about a website. Now, my website name Evanessencia was something I created by myself, without affiliations with whatever or help from whomever. However, I observed that Evanessencia is often associated with the band Evanescence. To be perfectly frank with everyone, I had no idea that a band with such name existed (not a fan of bands) when I created the website name. I only knew after I actually bought the domain, which I paid for two years.

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And just recently, when I was drafting a new layout/design for Evanessencia, one of my teachers saw my draft and saw ‘evanessencia’ and asked, “Are you a fan of Evanescence?” And that convinced me that I should really change my website name to something else and buy a new domain. I do not want my website to be associated with any existing thing in this world, so I had to think of something unique.

With all my best efforts, I scribbled a lot of new site names on my handy dandy notepad, and after days and days of endless scribbling (literally), I finally decided on Aethyme, and the best thing? The site name ends with a me, which I did on purpose so that I just have to buy a .me domain. :D

Say hello to Aethyme, not bye to Evanessencia

So, here comes Aethyme!

Just like Evanessencia, Aethyme is still a personal portfolio—to be more accurate, a dump—of everything I make that may be or may not be useful to everybody else. I personally chose this colour palette to give the website a lively feel. :) Unlike Evanessencia, Aethyme has no origins or whatever. It's just a random word I wrote by combining my favourite letters. Everything is probably the same as what's in Evanessencia, except that, if you've noticed, the different layout. :P

HOWEVER! Don't say goodbye to Evanessencia yet. I actually paid for the domain this year, so it will last until January next year. The site will no longer be active, obviously, since all my attention will be focused here. In the meantime, I will just redirect that URL to this website. Well, that probably means goodbye to Evanessencia, anyway. I'll probably think of something else.

Sooo, just enjoy yourselves, pips ♥

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